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Who We Are.

Banana Public Relations and Event Management is a boutique public relations and event management firm that specializes in the promotion of talent in the arts and entertainment industries.

We are New Yorkers with Canadian genes that have the skills and experience to help you with your public relations, events and branding needs.  

Although we mainly work with clients from film, television, music, visual art, dance, publishing, and sports we also cater to other industries including hospitality, tourism, luxury, aviation and lifestyle.

What we do 

Our company's mission is to develop and implement public relations strategies for talented artists, businesses and private individuals with the goal of helping build their brand. We are committed to helping our clients break into the fast-paced and competitive world of culture in New York City and beyond.

Our Brand

We know your brand is special and we know how to make it stand out from the crowd. Events (live or recorded), PR stunts, fresh and creative strategies; grow your brand and create a dialogue through storytelling and community engagement. We can help you define your voice to create emotional connections to your brand.

We understand how it is to be at the start. We can tailor our services to your needs. We work with all budgets.

  • "Hire Banana PR. You will be lucky to have them on your team."

    -- Commander Chris Hadfield, Astronaut

  • "My fiancee and I were feeling really overwhelmed with planning for our wedding day. We decided to elope and called Team Banana PR to help us put together an elopment party and dinner reception with less than 7 days notice. They produced a beautiful and memorable day for us and tailored it to our personal favorites including the planning and execution of flying in some relatives who live in various cities around the world. Thanks for making our special day with such a short amount of time."

    -- The Parkers, Brooklyn

  • "As an Executive Producer of a major television series, it's great that we can rely on Anna and her team to get things done. Most of the time we did not even know there were problems because they were solved beforehand with their magic work. You want them on your team."

    -- Jim Bell, NBC


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