About: Our Services


  • People connect people

    We will introduce your brand to the thought leaders and media outlets that matter. A comprehensive outreach strategy through building relationships will create community engagement through word-of-mouth tactics.

    • TV, newspapers, magazines and influential blogs will assist in reaching your audience. Network with the right people to get everyone talking.

    • Event planning and execution for splashy launches including media and influencer invitations, on-site event facilitation, and post-event media monitoring and media follow-up.

    • Trade show and conference attendance and prep to get face-to-face with your customer.



    Our team thrives on creating extraordinary events, and seeing them through to spectacular conclusion. Cohesive creativity is our touchstone, and no detail goes unconsidered—be it food, service, music or design. These unite in harmony, creating a spirit of enthusiasm and celebration. Although we are based in New York, we produce events around the country and worldwide.

    • Manage the planning process, developing the overall event visio

    • Creativity/Integration across all facets – design, music, food, photography, etc…

    • Ensure client’s voice is upheld throughout process

    • Customize invitations lists, deliver invitation, maintain RSVPs

    • Venue and vendor selection, contract management

    • Budget planning and management

    • Coordination of paper product design, production and mailing assembly

    • Logistical management of vendor load-in, production and load-out

    • Onsite day-of management and ownership of event execution

    • Manage flow/orchestration of all timing & details throughout



  • On Screen Or Live

    As Producers we are responsible for facilitating your vision for your project and are involved in every stage of the television programme, film or video, overseeing the project from beginning to end, both in the studio and on location. We help television and film production companies make their story come alive on screen.

    • reading, researching and assessing ideas and finished scripts
    • commissioning writers or securing the rights to novels, plays or screenplays
    • liaising and discussing projects with financial backers - projects can range from a small to multimillion budgets
    • hiring key staff, including a director and a crew to shoot programmes, films or videos
    • controlling the budget and allocating resources
    • pulling together all the strands of creative and practical talent involved in the project to create a team
    • organising shooting schedules - dependent on the type of producer and availability of support staff
    • troubleshooting
    • supervising the progress of the project from production to post production
    • bringing the finished production in on budget



    Creative marketing will be the most important part of a strong program. Your brand is awesome, and people need to know about it. We will revamp your website and take your communication to the next level of success. We will create digestible, engaging, shareable (think Pinterest!), timely, SEO friendly valuable content as the pillars for your comprehensive and successful marketing initiative.

    • Web design, blogging, original photography, curation, graphic design and compelling content will come together to tell your story

    • Newsletters and direct to consumer communication initiation and strategies

    • Optimize your messaging and traffic based on the valuable content you provide to the online community



    Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, oh my! It’s time to convey the lifestyle your brand represents. We will create, or grow your following, authentically. Social media strategy and execution combined with website refinement ensures your message hits just the right note. Optimizing content for each platform is essential to the success of our strategy. Integrating online presence into the overall approach will optimize and build your audience and drive sales.

    • Form your online community to engage and authentically inspire ideas that influence decision making.

    • Create a brand buzz to increase awareness and customer base.

    • Contest, promo, giveaway and content marketing tactics to drive traffic and response rates.




    We are best know for our talent producing for various television shows and interviews. Our forte is booking and managing talent relation requests. We chase, negotiate and secure guest talent, It's in our genes.

    • Communications and outreach to talent and/or representatives

    • Booking talent and executive travel

    • Managing set, special partnership, affiliate and charitable requests

    • Establish, develop and maintain relatinships and contacts

    • Accurately manage two budget logs - Talent Relations and Screenings

    • Creating and managing guest lists for all events