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Jet lag: 7 tips on how we deal with it

We love to travel. If we are not on location for work, we like to take advantage of weekends or time off to travel for pleasure.  Although we love seeing and experiencing the world, this often leaves us in a state of dreaded jet lag. Here are our top 7 tips on how we deal with jet lag and how it can help you too.

Tip #1: Pre-flight

A few days leading up to our trip, we try to start adjusting to that time zone by either going to bed earlier (if heading East) or staying up later (if heading West). It's not always easy to do this especially when it seem we're usually staying up late to finish work or doing to prepare for leaving home.

Tip #2: Flight

We prefer to maximize a full day so we opt for red eye flights (bonus airfare is usually a little cheaper) so we always seem to be on a red-eye flight. Sleep is the answer. We are usually exhausted so we don't need sleep aids but we definitely try to sleep as natural as possible by using ear plugs, eye masks, pillows and whatever makes us comfortable (we sometimes change into pajamas). 

We channel or inner Rock Star by wearing sunglasses at night. Manipulating the light to think that it's night time also helps. So stay off your devices and turn that TV console screen off. 

However if you are traveling during the day, try to get us much sunlight (shades up) or watch TV (screen light counts too!)

Tip #3: Upon arrival, be a local

Once we land, we try to adjust to the local time by eating meal in that time zone. If we arrive in the morning from a red-eye flight, we try to stay up all day so that we go to bed at a fairly normal hour local time. Keep yourself busy, sightsee, work out, physical. We have learned that those mini-naps can turn into extended naps for hours and that makes adjusting even harder. Cold showers are a good way to feel refreshed. 

Tip #4: Hydrate

Although we can appreciate a glass of bubbly or taking advantage of the alcoholic beverages, drinking water helps circulate and keep us looking fresh and curtails jet lag. Also we like to apply moisturizer before, during and after flight. 

Tip #5: It's the middle of the night and you are wide awake

When we have been tossing for more than an hour, just get up and doing something calming (read a book, listen to soft music) with minimal lights possible. 

Tip #6: Soak Up the Sun

Go explore if you have time in between meetings or suggest a "walk and talk" meeting outside. This helps reset our bodies natural time clock to coincide with our new local time zone. 

Tip #7: Jet lag back at home

If the trip is less than 48 hours, we tend to stay on the same hours back home. 


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